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Won't Take No for an Answer

Despite being a 'two-sport standout in high school, Sal Cannella had to recruit coaches in order to get his shot at playing at the collegiate level. After an unconventional beginning to his college football experience, Cannella has fit in nicely at Auburn and has developed into a starting receiver for Coach Gus Malzahn's Tigers. By Mark Murphy

Talent Infusion for Tigers, SEC

After an outstanding season for Southeastern Conference men's basketball in general and Auburn hoops in particular, what will the league and the Tigers do for an encore? re? One thing known for sure is that there will be a lot of new faces on the court at Auburn and around a league that will have four new head coaches for the 2019-20 season. By Mark Murphy

Driven to Succeed: More Than Just a Game for Doughty

Senior guard Samir Doughty enjoys playing basketball, but being successful at the game is a big deal for the Auburn player from Philadelphia because it could give him the opportunity to get his family to a better and safer place. By Mark Murphy

"Bruise-dell" Earning Respect

A low profile member of the Auburn defense as a freshman and sophomore, that has changed during the 2019 football season for Tyrone Truesdell, a physical defensive tackle who has stepped up his performance level this year. By Jason Caldwell

Double Trouble for Opponents

Unique Thompson, a busy and highly-motivated Auburn student/athlete on and off the court, was one of the top women's basketball players in the SEC as a sophomore. She hopes to continue to improve and help her team follow that same path. By Mark Murphy